Author - 1214ryota

My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

Design: Mysterious Ryota (Ayashii Ryota) ※Japanese name: 怪しい涼汰 Manufacture: People of small factory in town (main Ota-ku), my friends and young engineers (Mitoyo technical high school students) Very very thank you for everybody’s cooperation!!   Team: Team-Udon (Post: secretary and manager) Robot name: Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna ※Japanese robot name: 明鏡止水ノ絆   I’m making 2 sumo robots for  this year. Then, let’s introduce them. Looks like Hedge hog !? (Appearance)   All circles are magnets!! (Magnetic force : Small magnet magnetic force is about 5kg,Big magnet magnet magnetic force is about 7.5kg) (Bottom)    This is a very very heavy weight machine in one of them. This was planning move by pressure welding. It [...]