Author - Firat Dede

25th All Japan Robot Sumo and International Tournament Finished

At 15 December, all sumo robot enthusiasts meet at  Kokugikan Sumo Museum at Ryogoku,Tokyo. This year tournament system changed. Firstly All Japan Teams matched. After International Tournament held. Only One Japanese team attended to International Tournament. Losing robot at the final is our robot. It was very hard to beat slow high torqued japanese robot. And The Winners:  #1 000 086 Nenkinseikatsu 2 go Nariyo Tamura Japan Nenkin Seikatsu A Team #2 001 015 Fusion Mr.Firat Dede Umut Meriç Turkey Jsumo Team # 3 001 009 Gauja MARTINS STEGMANIS Latvia Robotu SKOLA Team # 4 001010 Esumo Z Oscar Alberto Trejo Espinosa Daniel Ruben Rojas Rodriguez Mexico Robótica Esime Team

Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)

This robot competed at 2012 Meb Robot Contest and 2012 – 2013 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament. İbrahim Savrukoglu and Me made this project. We used 4 Maxon RE35 Dc Motors at robot. We made custom reduction for Maxon motors to 2,5:1 ! Here you can find some photos of robots. (more…)

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pololu 36V20CS Motor Controllers

In this review, I will write some bad things about Burnt Pololu 36V20CS Robot controllers. First of all, I will start with me. I am not beginner at motor controllers or at least implementing motor controllers to robot systems. When I bought I was very excited and curious about these motor controllers… But I get disappointed with performance and lack of guarantee. (more…)

High Current Dc Motor Controller Project

For this year’s sumo robots, I have to design new better motor controllers. At first designs, I used big power mosfets, through hole components. With experience, I made better, concentrated PCB. I used this boards at my all sumo robots (Shadow, JSumo, Fusion2) It uses 4 Power MOSFETs and HIP4081A MOSFET driver. I fabricated only 20 pieces as prototype. I made 2 PCB in design. The bottom deck is power system (MOSFETs, MOSFET driver,s, regulators…). Motor Driver’s Bottom Layer, Bottom side. Upper Deck [...]