Author - Firat Dede

Fusion! Japanese Style Sumo Robot

Technical Specs: Voltage: 25V (6 cell lipo) Weight: 3kg Speed: 1m/sec Body: Laser cut Aluminium Wheels: Only two wheels. Sensors: 1 meter distance industrial sensors. Gear reduction: 7,2:1 Magnets: A lot of neodymium (NdFeB) magnets… Pulling force 40-50kg. It competed at Turkey 2011 competitions.  Watch below. Pepperl fuchs sensors have only 0.5 ms response time. Robot’s System:   And Autodesk assembly pics. All project has been designed with Autodesk Inventor.   Motors: Maxon RE40 Model motors were used. They are big, beefy motors.

Tsunami Sumo Robot (2010)

My first Japanese style sumo robot attempt. 4 wheels connected by pulleys with 2 motors. Robot has industrial sensors for object detection. Very fast response times available. For contrast sensing QRD1114 circuits used. Robot uses two mabuchi 550 size dc motors for drive system. Motor’s gearbox has only 7:1 reduction ratio.   I used  Sabertooth 25 x 2 Motor controllers.

Deep Impact Sumo Robot (Old Project – 2011)

Deep Impact Sumo Robot [dropcap color=”color-default” font=”arial” style=”normal” size=”ltt-2em”]I[/dropcap] watched videos of how to develop the project,  Japanese sumo robots as fast as it can be extremely sharp turn in the thought of how make. And Deep Impact was born:) it has 2 edge contrast sensor, 2  ultrasonic sensor and 6 infrared sensors.  It uses six Faulhaber dc gear motors. Robot Body The body of the robot must be big to take 6 dc motor and big enough to hold 12 cell battery and [...]