How to Make Mini Sumo Robot with XMotion?

In that article we will look to this sections. What is Mini Sumo Robot? Mini Sumo Robot Parts List Opponent Sensors & Testing Line Sensors & Testing DC Motors, how to use? Soldering Part Mechanical Assembly Start to Coding How to Develop Mini Sumo Robot? Homeworks What is Mini Sumo Robot? Mini sumo robot is a special robot type that it beats the opponent mini sumo in special rules. Each robot is fully autonomous and tries to prudh other opponent robot. At mini sumo competition usually there is weight and dimension [...]

XMotion Basics – XMotion 101

What is XMotion? XMotion is Arduino Compatible all in one robot controller. Which designed specially for  robotics, IOT and maker projects.It includes powerful Motor drivers, switching mode regulator, interface circuits and more. With protected features, it is all in one board for lots of different type robot projects. So in basic, we add sensors, battery, motors and all other blocks are inside XMotion board. With XMotion you can make these robots easily: Mini sumo Robot (500 grams 2- 4 motors) Midi sumo Robot (1 [...]

SEA-Bots – ARTech (Sumo Robot from Argentina)

How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent Sensor Features? 4 Sensores Omron 2 Sensores de linea QT1A When you build? And Duration of progress in Days or Weeks… 2016 – 2 Meses What is engines of Robot? Motors, Reduction system? MOTORES 2X550 -DURATRAX REDUCTOR APYS – FABRICADO EN ARGENTINA Which Difficulties You Faced While Building? ESTE FUE EL PRIMER ROBOTS CONSTRUIDO EN ARGENTINA PARA ESTE TIPO DE EVENTOS. POR LO QUE FUE TODA UNA NOVEDAD EL DISEÑO DEL CHASIS Y LA CONSTRUCCIÓN MECÁNICA. Y LOGRAR EL PESO [...]

Manual for Genesis Ver.2 – The big Changes for Robot Makers.

In 2nd version of Genesis Controller. We made lots of changes. In that article I will emphasize them. Compatibility This was biggest feature we changed at Genesis V.2. For instance you have robots which are using Arduino Uno and Sparkfun Ardumoto or Arduino Motor Shield. Genesis now has same pinput for motor controlling. So they are identical with same program! Buzzer to Speaker We changed sound module from buzzer to speaker due to some reasons. Speaker is thinner Speaker can work like buzzer too! With speaker, we [...]

Morpheus Sumo Robot – BattleLab Robotica 2016 1st Place Winner

When you build? And Duration of progress. This year, and the build took around 5 months. Which difficulties you faced while building? The front of the robot was hard to make it as we hish. Technical specs of project (Weight, Speed, Working Current) It weights 3000g it has an approximated speed of 3.5m/s at around 30V. What is engines of Robot? Motors, reduction system? We used Maxon motors 35mm with a high reduction system formed in 2 stages. How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor [...]

GZERO Robot Sumo – MEB Turkey Robot Competition 2016 1st Place Winner

I started to design with my team at the beginning of first months of 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. I updated old design of Senju and it bringed me victory. We made very harsh matches with another Turkish teams and never lost. Please watch video below. Mechanical Parts First 3D design was made, and it began to be made in production. 2 weeks within ended the production of CNC and CNC Laser machine. Gears: Specially made sumo robot gears for speed and usability. [...]

4 Ways LiPo Batteries can Damage Your Projects…

Before Starting. I want to give little LiPo battery terminology C: Battery Capacity, for instance if battery capacity is 5000Mah and if I say 1C it means 5000Mah. “C” technical term is used for giving battery capacity information. For sumo robots, we always use higher C current capability batteries. Mah, Ah: Milliampere/hour or Ampere/hour. It is unit of battery can give continuously at 1 hour before finishing capacity. S & P: S means series connected. If we see 3S battery, that means [...]

Impala Sumo Robot

I started to do it since July/2015 and this it 3rd evolution ever listening looking and learning how to be better The IMPALA “SS” born in December/2015 when I decided to do a better robot designing and using better components first I need to buy some goods toys so I started to search where do I can to get it and I found JSumo where I buy some things and then I get most of the material that I need to [...]

Kyuseishu Sumo Robot

I have been inactive for about a year. We have been working on very special sumo robots. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose any details about the other robots. Kyuseishu Sumo Robot Specs: Max Speed: 7.2 m/s, limited to 6.1 m/s – 6.5 m/s Battery: 2x 3S Matched Impedance competition grade Li-Po batteries. I would recommend Gens Ace batteries if you have the space for them. In competition because of the weight constraint we use Turnigy batteries. Motor Drivers: Currently it uses a motor driver from ion motion; But we [...]

Quetzalito, Mexican Microsumo

We are a Mexican team, and we were building this robot for a year, it’s principally made of brass. When we started,the principal problem was the space, we needed to put all the components in a very small area and like it was notenough we wanted that it looked great, for this reason, we started to work in different designs along this last year. As can you see, the first robot that we made was horrible, but we are the [...]