4 Ways LiPo Batteries can Damage Your Projects…

Before Starting. I want to give little LiPo battery terminology C: Battery Capacity, for instance if battery capacity is 5000Mah and if I say 1C it means 5000Mah. “C” technical term is used for giving battery capacity information. For sumo robots, we always use higher C current capability batteries. Mah, Ah: Milliampere/hour or Ampere/hour. It is unit of battery can give continuously at 1 hour before finishing capacity. S & P: S means series connected. If we see 3S battery, that means [...]

Let’s Make a Satellite!

Sputnik 1 1957 was a great revolutionary year and a shifting point in the history which declared a great event, probably without you wouldn’t be able to surf the internet that fast, nor be able to read this article right now! In October 1957 during the cold, Russia has declared the human-space invasion by sending the first earth-orbiting satellite (Sputnik 1), the mission of that satellite simply was to prove the Earth-orbiting concept, take some atmospheric data and send them to [...]