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4 Ways LiPo Batteries can Damage Your Projects…

Before Starting. I want to give little LiPo battery terminology C: Battery Capacity, for instance if battery capacity is 5000Mah and if I say 1C it means 5000Mah. “C” technical term is used for giving battery capacity information. For sumo robots, we always use higher C current capability batteries. Mah, Ah: Milliampere/hour or Ampere/hour. It is unit of battery can give continuously at 1 hour before finishing capacity. S & P: S means series connected. If we see 3S battery, that means [...]

Minisumo Tutorial for Genesis Arduino Mainboard

In that tutorial, we will look to Arduino sketches for Genesis based mini sumo robot. First we should look the Genesis’s connection table. That table determines any type of robot’s program. Arduino Pins Purpose Arduino Pins Purpose D0 Empty D11 Empty D1 Empty D12 Mode Led D2 Empty D13 Arduino Nano Built-in Led, Buzzer D3 Button Input, Start Module Input A0 Empty D4 Empty A1 Empty D5 Left PWM Channel 1 A2 Mode Switch 3 Input D6 Left PWM Channel 2 A3 Mode Switch 2 Input D7 Empty A4 Mode Switch 1 Input D8 Empty A5 Edge Turn A5 Set Trimpot D9 Right PWM Channel 1 A6 Turn A6 Set Trimpot D10 Right PWM Channel 2 A7 Speed A7 Set Trimpot From that table and that product page (Click [...]