Japanese Sumo Robot

First Colombian participation in the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament

Original Article by: Luis Miguel Aristizábal Gómez, 19.02.2012 Translation: Juan Camilo Garcia Hernandez, 05.04.2015 Background The robotics team of the Design and Automation Group (A+D) from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) from Medellin, Colombia, had participated constantly in the lasts years in several national robotics competitions finishing usually in one of the first three places. In April 2011, with the support of the Research Center for Development and Innovation (CIDI) of the UPB, the students Sandra Patricia Osorio, Juan Camilo Garcia and [...]

Robochallenge Romania 2015 is waiting for You!

Passion, science, strategy or creativity… These are some of the words that describe the largest robotics competition in Romania! We invite you to gather your team, build the fastest and the most powerful autonomous robot and participate in the International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015 which opens its doors to enthusiasts on October 31 – November 1, 2015.   The 8th edition brings to the fore a number of surprises. In addition to the 7 traditional challenges: Micro, Mini and Mega Sumo, Line [...]

Senju 4.th Winner of All Japan International Robot Sumo December 2014 (26th)

I started to design with my team (H-Tech Robot Team) at the beginning of first moths of 2014 at Istanbul, Turkey. Senju Robot won 4th degree at 26th (2014) All International Robot Sumo Tournament. The tournament which held at Tokyo, Japan. Features Maxon DCX35L 24V Motors – 2 Custom design gearbox   4.4:1 Custom design motor driver Keyence  PZ-G41N opponent sensors – 5 ( http://jsumo.com//shop/keyence-multibeam-pz-g41n-diffuse-reflective-type-infrared-sensor/) Omron E3Z-D62 opponent sensors – 2 Max speed 6.5 m/s All Mechanics is custom designed. I used aluminum and steel for mechanics. Magnet Locations. We designed Mosfet H Bridge [...]

Fırato Series Japan Style Sumo Robots

Motors: Fırato 2: Maxon RE 40 Fırato Alpha : Maxon RE 35 Power Trains Max Speed Fırato San: 4.8 m/s Continuous 5 m/s peak Fırato-2 and Alpha: 4 m/s Fırato-San: Mercedes-Benz AMG Power train (Custom built) Fırato 2 and Alpha: Pre-configured gears with custom mounts Construction Methods Ultra-Durable weird alloy used in busses. Custom built brackets made out of steel and plated with Cr M4/M3 Screws Sensors: Fırato-San-2-Alpha: 3xKeyence PZG-41N 2x Omron 2x E3Z-D62 Electronics: Every electronic circuits are custom built. Here are the specs for them Rev MC1 3-Board solution 2x Motor Driver 1x Logic board Motor driver capacity [...]

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810 Team: Team-Udon Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』  This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class). Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion)   Features 2 Maxon RE40 DC Motors(24V) LiPo Battery 11 cell  (max : 46.2V) Max Speed 3.9 m/s Movable blade Magnetic force 300 kg Specular surface of robot body                                  Specular surface body  The body of the mirror surface disturbs a sensor.   Defense power with a magnetic force of 300 kg    A convention video can be seen. [...]

25th All Japan Robot Sumo and International Tournament Finished

At 15 December, all sumo robot enthusiasts meet at  Kokugikan Sumo Museum at Ryogoku,Tokyo. This year tournament system changed. Firstly All Japan Teams matched. After International Tournament held. Only One Japanese team attended to International Tournament. Losing robot at the final is our robot. It was very hard to beat slow high torqued japanese robot. And The Winners:  #1 000 086 Nenkinseikatsu 2 go Nariyo Tamura Japan Nenkin Seikatsu A Team #2 001 015 Fusion Mr.Firat Dede Umut Meriç Turkey Jsumo Team # 3 001 009 Gauja MARTINS STEGMANIS Latvia Robotu SKOLA Team # 4 001010 Esumo Z Oscar Alberto Trejo Espinosa Daniel Ruben Rojas Rodriguez Mexico Robótica Esime Team

Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)

This robot competed at 2012 Meb Robot Contest and 2012 – 2013 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament. İbrahim Savrukoglu and Me made this project. We used 4 Maxon RE35 Dc Motors at robot. We made custom reduction for Maxon motors to 2,5:1 ! Here you can find some photos of robots. (more…)