Mini Sumo Robot

Minisumo Tutorial for Genesis Arduino Mainboard

In that tutorial, we will look to Arduino sketches for Genesis based mini sumo robot. First we should look the Genesis’s connection table. That table determines any type of robot’s program. Arduino Pins Purpose Arduino Pins Purpose D0 Empty D11 Empty D1 Empty D12 Mode Led D2 Empty D13 Arduino Nano Built-in Led, Buzzer D3 Button Input, Start Module Input A0 Empty D4 Empty A1 Empty D5 Left PWM Channel 1 A2 Mode Switch 3 Input D6 Left PWM Channel 2 A3 Mode Switch 2 Input D7 Empty A4 Mode Switch 1 Input D8 Empty A5 Edge Turn A5 Set Trimpot D9 Right PWM Channel 1 A6 Turn A6 Set Trimpot D10 Right PWM Channel 2 A7 Speed A7 Set Trimpot From that table and that product page (Click [...]

Tremendo Mexican Minisumo Avengers Team

THE ROBOT What is made the Structure? Aluminum How many sensors we use?  As you can see we use only 4 sensors Sharp 340KAs you can see we use only 4 sensors Sharp 340K Which Microcontroller? ATMEGA8 Motors: Fingertech 50:1 Battery: Lypo Turnigy 4s Wheels? The wheels are very special, these are made of a kind of sponge that you can buy in Mexico, in combination with silicon, they are uniques!!   CONTESTS Tremendo has taken part in several contests around the world: Robocore Winter Challenge 2014 Sao Paulo Brasil UMEBOT 9 2014 [...]

robochallenge Competition

International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015 – The countdown has begun!

  Between October 31 and November 1, Electronics Students League and ETTI Robochallenge, in partnership with the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, organize the 8th edition of the International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015, addressed to the young robotics enthusiasts, which will take place in the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (Bucharest).   With a tradition of over 7 years Robochallenge has become the largest robotics competition in Romania, gathering year by year, over 200 [...]

How to Make Mini Sumo Robot with EASYBOARD? Code Included!

Hi friends, In that article, I will introduce you our new controller, Easyboard. And we will write the program together. What will we handle at that article? What is Mini sumo Robot? Easyboard Features Attaching sensors & Motors Programming the mini sumo robot code And further developments First of all we need to explain. 1. What is Mini Sumo robot? Minisumo robot is one of a branch of hobby robotics, Same as sumo matches or box matches main aim is beating an opponent by pushing out of the ring. [...]

Robochallenge Romania 2015 is waiting for You!

Passion, science, strategy or creativity… These are some of the words that describe the largest robotics competition in Romania! We invite you to gather your team, build the fastest and the most powerful autonomous robot and participate in the International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015 which opens its doors to enthusiasts on October 31 – November 1, 2015.   The 8th edition brings to the fore a number of surprises. In addition to the 7 traditional challenges: Micro, Mini and Mega Sumo, Line [...]

Sinan Paşa Mini Sumo Robot Series (Version 1-2-3)

Hi, I will share informations about my mini-sumo robots which are called “Sinan Paşa”. “Sinan Paşa V1” was so precious for me, because it was my first robot. Before I started to build my robot, I researched about robots, watched a few videos about mini-sumo robots, and read about them. Let's start with a video and later I will explain. Firstly, I designed the mechanical chassis. I pondered on frontside and I decided to design it like a ramp. I created [...]

Wheel Report 2015 – Our Wheels (SLT20 – SLT20P) Against to Banebots & Fingertech Wheels

Wheel Report for Mini Sumo Robots Wheels is one of the important items for the mini sumo robots. At that article I will compare our production wheels to against other brand wheels. SLT20: Silicone and Aluminium Robot Wheel which is produced by us (JSumo Team) SL20P: Brass and Aluminium Robot wheel this model is produced from us too. Banebots: We will examine green 3/8 inch model, which are produced by Banebots. Good quality model at I examined. Fingertech: These are popular models at minisumo robots, [...]

REM! Mini Sumo

Firstly, I design my minisumo on solidworks and  I built it on a our 3 axis CNC machine. This robot participated in the RobotChallenge 2013 which is the most popular robotic organization in Europe.   Robot’s chassis is made at our CNC Machine   We used Mach3 software for interfacing cnc with computer.   Features DC motor 650rpm 3.2kg/cm torque PRO4550-usb Controller Card 30 shore silicon wheels. (Radius is 32mm) 2 micro servo (metal gear box)  motor for flags  QTR1A Edge Sensors 3 Pepperl Fuchs sensors which are the industrial [...]

Merx (Mini Sumo)

My first mini sumo project which is made at 2005. Beautiful robot kit from Solarbotics. I changed It’s motors to slower model. Slower motors have more torque. Changed wheels with silicone bands. It works with 6 Cells of Alkaline batteries. Motor Specs Description:  Offset / Inline Gear Ratio:  224.00:1 Unloaded RPM (6V):  46 Unloaded Current (6V):  50 mA Stall Current (6V):  710 mA Stall Torque (6V):  56.94 in*oz Weight:  0.04 g   Motors They are Solarbotics GM2 model motors. all motor gears made from hard plastic so I don’t recommend for new designs. It has 46 rpm and 56 [...]