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4 Ways LiPo Batteries can Damage Your Projects…

Before Starting. I want to give little LiPo battery terminology C: Battery Capacity, for instance if battery capacity is 5000Mah and if I say 1C it means 5000Mah. “C” technical term is used for giving battery capacity information. For sumo robots, we always use higher C current capability batteries. Mah, Ah: Milliampere/hour or Ampere/hour. It is unit of battery can give continuously at 1 hour before finishing capacity. S & P: S means series connected. If we see 3S battery, that means [...]

Minisumo Tutorial for Genesis Arduino Mainboard

In that tutorial, we will look to Arduino sketches for Genesis based mini sumo robot. First we should look the Genesis’s connection table. That table determines any type of robot’s program. Arduino Pins Purpose Arduino Pins Purpose D0 Empty D11 Empty D1 Empty D12 Mode Led D2 Empty D13 Arduino Nano Built-in Led, Buzzer D3 Button Input, Start Module Input A0 Empty D4 Empty A1 Empty D5 Left PWM Channel 1 A2 Mode Switch 3 Input D6 Left PWM Channel 2 A3 Mode Switch 2 Input D7 Empty A4 Mode Switch 1 Input D8 Empty A5 Edge Turn A5 Set Trimpot D9 Right PWM Channel 1 A6 Turn A6 Set Trimpot D10 Right PWM Channel 2 A7 Speed A7 Set Trimpot From that table and that product page (Click [...]

New Opponent Sensors & Sensor Bracket Added!

Most Popular Sensors & COOL Bracket Added to JSumo Long range sensors in stock now! Previous day, we added 2 New Sensor and One Cool (universal) bracket to JSumo. Our most favorited sensor is now in our stock, Keyence PZ-G41CB. ==> It has NPN+PNP output and have good range (1 meter). Very fast (500uS reponse). I can easily say that sensor is mother of all sensors 🙂  Other new sensor is Omron E3Z-D82. Which is also very popular for sumo robot projects. You can look to [...]

New Sumo Robot Gears Added to JSumo Shop

Blazing Speed Sumo Robots! Achievable! Sometimes when you watch sumo robot videos, you see how much they are fast. Some friends asking which motor you are using or which voltage?  For making fast robot you need to change three things: Motor Voltage (DCX, RE40 or RE35 Types 12-18-24V Nominal Values) Wheel Size (35-50 millimeter sizes) Reduction (Cha-ching!) Our secret was making lower reduction ratios. Usually traditional robots uses 6:1, 6,5:1 or 5,5:1. With our lower ratio gear, you can achieve faster speeds at the same [...]

How to Make Mini Sumo Robot with EASYBOARD? Code Included!

Hi friends, In that article, I will introduce you our new controller, Easyboard. And we will write the program together. What will we handle at that article? What is Mini sumo Robot? Easyboard Features Attaching sensors & Motors Programming the mini sumo robot code And further developments First of all we need to explain. 1. What is Mini Sumo robot? Minisumo robot is one of a branch of hobby robotics, Same as sumo matches or box matches main aim is beating an opponent by pushing out of the ring. [...]

Wheel Report 2015 – Our Wheels (SLT20 – SLT20P) Against to Banebots & Fingertech Wheels

Wheel Report for Mini Sumo Robots Wheels is one of the important items for the mini sumo robots. At that article I will compare our production wheels to against other brand wheels. SLT20: Silicone and Aluminium Robot Wheel which is produced by us (JSumo Team) SL20P: Brass and Aluminium Robot wheel this model is produced from us too. Banebots: We will examine green 3/8 inch model, which are produced by Banebots. Good quality model at I examined. Fingertech: These are popular models at minisumo robots, [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pololu 36V20CS Motor Controllers

In this review, I will write some bad things about Burnt Pololu 36V20CS Robot controllers. First of all, I will start with me. I am not beginner at motor controllers or at least implementing motor controllers to robot systems. When I bought I was very excited and curious about these motor controllers… But I get disappointed with performance and lack of guarantee. (more…)

High Current Dc Motor Controller Project

For this year’s sumo robots, I have to design new better motor controllers. At first designs, I used big power mosfets, through hole components. With experience, I made better, concentrated PCB. I used this boards at my all sumo robots (Shadow, JSumo, Fusion2) It uses 4 Power MOSFETs and HIP4081A MOSFET driver. I fabricated only 20 pieces as prototype. I made 2 PCB in design. The bottom deck is power system (MOSFETs, MOSFET driver,s, regulators…). Motor Driver’s Bottom Layer, Bottom side. Upper Deck [...]

First Versions Of Sumo Robot Controllers

 Last year I designed some sumo robot controller circuits. All components (Motor drivers, voltage regulators, Arduino) in one board.   Firstly I made some test with breadboard. This wasn’t last design. I doubled mosfet transistors at last design. Last through pin design. It was like an art to make this board. I used at Shadow sumo robot. After I used smaller SMD motor controller designs. Also Design’s one fault is not having optocouplers (Very big Fault..)