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How to Make a Good Sumo Robot

How to Design & Make a Good Sumo Robot In this article, I will share my sumo robot design and build secrets. Firstly we are starting with sumo robot parts. Please click the bottom image for bigger visual, in that article I will go deeply at each section for sumo robots.  We can divide sumo robot to 3 subdivision: Mechanic System –  Structure Electronic System – Organs Software system – Robot’s spirit Firstly we starting mechanical System. The mechanical system covers motors, gearing, wheels and robot’s [...]

Which Metal? Steel Or Aluminum

We use aluminum or steel for bodies of the robot. In this article I will examine the two materials. Aluminum Advantages Easy to work Light Disadvantages Not for welding, for welding some special systems needed (TIG welding). Aliminum Laser cutting is harder than other metals. Not resistant to big impacts. It can bend. Tapped holes can be easily stripped. Steel Advantages Hard Easily weld (It’s big advantage) Disadvantages Heavy Harder drilling when compared with aluminum.  

BIG Wires for Power Management

Some sumo robot motors can draw very high amperes. I prefer using silicon high stranded  cables. For soldering thick cables, you may use flux. Flux is some liquid made from chemichals and resin.   Where can I buy silicon wires? From Rc shop’s or AWG – American Wire Gauge: It’s some measurement gauge for electric wires.

Sabertooth Motor Controller 25×2 Review

Sabertooth Motor Controller is absolutely perfect for robotic systems. I used these motor controllers at my Tsunami and Fusion sumo robot projects.  It has big power connectors.  I never experienced bad problems like Pololu motor controllers. Sabertooth Motor controller has four interface methods: R/C mode : For using r/c receivers especially. Analog mode:  My preferred choice. Serial Packetized Serial Some Notes About Motor Controller: For analog mode control you have to add one capacitor (100nF) and resistor (1K-4,7K) to your interface. After you can control sabertooth [...]

Maxon Motors for Sumo Robots

Almost all Japan teams use Maxon dc motors for sumo robots. And we started to use at our projects. At this article I will explain why we use them. At my latest projects,I used Maxon motors for drive. They have superior quality.  At  Fusion I used maxon RE40 Dc brushed motor. These motors rated 150 watt at 24V. They have incredible torque. Firstly motors have very little response time due to the coreless structure. For RE40 response time is only 4 [...]