Sumo Robot

SEA-Bots – ARTech (Sumo Robot from Argentina)

How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent Sensor Features? 4 Sensores Omron 2 Sensores de linea QT1A When you build? And Duration of progress in Days or Weeks… 2016 – 2 Meses What is engines of Robot? Motors, Reduction system? MOTORES 2X550 -DURATRAX REDUCTOR APYS – FABRICADO EN ARGENTINA Which Difficulties You Faced While Building? ESTE FUE EL PRIMER ROBOTS CONSTRUIDO EN ARGENTINA PARA ESTE TIPO DE EVENTOS. POR LO QUE FUE TODA UNA NOVEDAD EL DISEÑO DEL CHASIS Y LA CONSTRUCCIÓN MECÁNICA. Y LOGRAR EL PESO [...]

4 Ways LiPo Batteries can Damage Your Projects…

Before Starting. I want to give little LiPo battery terminology C: Battery Capacity, for instance if battery capacity is 5000Mah and if I say 1C it means 5000Mah. “C” technical term is used for giving battery capacity information. For sumo robots, we always use higher C current capability batteries. Mah, Ah: Milliampere/hour or Ampere/hour. It is unit of battery can give continuously at 1 hour before finishing capacity. S & P: S means series connected. If we see 3S battery, that means [...]

Paladino Sumo Robot / UFFight Robótica – 2015

What is your Robot’s Name? Paladino (UFFight Robótica) (2015) Paladino is a 3Kg Radio controller sumo robot build by UFFight Robótica from Universidade Federal Fluminense. When you build? And Duration of progress. Paladino was design in the beginning of 2015, and has been improved since then. Which difficulties you faced while building? Due to the Lack of investment, we had to find innovative solutions for the powertrain specially. Technical specs of project (Weight, Speed, Working Current) Max Speed: 0.3 m/s; Weight: 2986 g What is engines of Robot? Motors,  [...]

robochallenge Competition

International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015 – The countdown has begun!

  Between October 31 and November 1, Electronics Students League and ETTI Robochallenge, in partnership with the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, organize the 8th edition of the International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015, addressed to the young robotics enthusiasts, which will take place in the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology (Bucharest).   With a tradition of over 7 years Robochallenge has become the largest robotics competition in Romania, gathering year by year, over 200 [...]

Robochallenge Romania 2015 is waiting for You!

Passion, science, strategy or creativity… These are some of the words that describe the largest robotics competition in Romania! We invite you to gather your team, build the fastest and the most powerful autonomous robot and participate in the International Robotics Competition, Robochallenge 2015 which opens its doors to enthusiasts on October 31 – November 1, 2015.   The 8th edition brings to the fore a number of surprises. In addition to the 7 traditional challenges: Micro, Mini and Mega Sumo, Line [...]

Senju Winner of All Japan International Robot Sumo December 2014 (26th)

I started to design with my team (H-Tech Robot Team) at the beginning of first moths of 2014 at Istanbul, Turkey. Senju Robot won 4th degree at 26th (2014) All International Robot Sumo Tournament. The tournament which held at Tokyo, Japan. Features Maxon DCX35L 24V Motors – 2 Custom design gearbox   4.4:1 Custom design motor driver Keyence  PZ-G41N opponent sensors – 5 ( Omron E3Z-D62 opponent sensors – 2 Max speed 6.5 m/s All Mechanics is custom designed. I used aluminum and steel for mechanics. Magnet Locations. We designed Mosfet H Bridge [...]

Wolf Sumo Robot (by Team Flex) – 2014

Designed and built by TeamFlex in Romania, at the beginning of 2014. Features: Maxon RE40 148866 DC Motors – 2 2-stage gearbox with total ratio 5.7:1 Omron opponent sensors – 8 Banner opponent sensors – 3 Pepperl&Fuchs line detection sensors – 2 Calculated speed is somewhere around 5mps, but actual measured speed is between 3.5 and 4 mps.   100% Test for 100 ms Wolf(RO) vs. Zibsnis(LV) at Robotchallenge 2014

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810 Team: Team-Udon Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』  This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class). Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion)   Features 2 Maxon RE40 DC Motors(24V) LiPo Battery 11 cell  (max : 46.2V) Max Speed 3.9 m/s Movable blade Magnetic force 300 kg Specular surface of robot body                                  Specular surface body  The body of the mirror surface disturbs a sensor.   Defense power with a magnetic force of 300 kg    A convention video can be seen. [...]

Lancer 2.0 Robot Sumo

Sumo Lancer. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México. Facultad de Ciencias de la Electrónica. Lancer en la 1a Copa Internacional de Robótica ,Junio de 2013, México, Distrito Federal. Lancer en la 1a Copa Internacional de Robótica, Junio de 2013, México, Distrito Federal. Lancer en ROBOCORE Winter Challenge, Julio de 2013, São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brasil.