Cellat Sumo Robot

Cellat Sumo Robot

Cellat (Executioner) Sumo Robot (Old 2008 Year Project)

Actually it has three plexiglass plane.

İt uses 4 Maxon motors, They rated 48V!! Yess:) Motors are weighing 400gr ea. It’s wheels are 6cm diameter Neoprene formula car tires.. Motors have high speed about 638 rpm and 14 kg-cm torque. I’m was using 36! NiMH AAA cells.  (It was a long times ago before li-po batteries…)

In red body:


Maxon Gear Motors  Maxon green dc motor
Maxon motor information-link can be found at maxon-dc-motor-pdf . Actually motor’s rear side exists encoders but I took parts to fit 10 cm length.

Motor’s gearbox reduction ratio is 14:1. Gearbox has bearings for extra-axial, radial load capacity.




neprene tyresWheels:

Neoprene formula car tyres used. They were very soft and have high traction bu after matches, tyre’s traction very decreased. I don’t recommend using neoprene tyres anymore.






cny70 circuit Edge Contrast Sensors

CNY70 reflective optocoupler sensors were used. They are traditional sensors for ring’s edge detection. ın circuit board I added extra 2 resistors to Cny70.





And Other Technical Specs.. It’s fast approximately 1,2 meter second. it weighs 3,050 gr with tolerances. I’m using pic 16F877 as mcu. LMD18200T motor controller circuit I’m using. it has switching reg. Lm2575 Ic..


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