Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)

Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)


This robot competed at 2012 Meb Robot Contest and 2012 – 2013 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament. İbrahim Savrukoglu and Me made this project.

We used 4 Maxon RE35 Dc Motors at robot. We made custom reduction for Maxon motors to 2,5:1 !

Here you can find some photos of robots.




Robot chassis is made of steel. We added a lot of spaces for lightness.

All design is made in Solidworks before production.


Four Maxons, Which are the heaviest parts of robots (Each one 400 gr)


One of the construction photos. We used 4 Li-Po battery Each one is rated 350Mah 11,1V (3S). Total Voltage is 50,4V at fully charge. We used very small Li-Po batteries because of weight limit. Moreover motors rated at 48V so they draw very less current. So 350 Mah (35C – 70C Burst) batteries had beed sufficient to us.

If you look for more information you can look here: http://www.robots101.com/darpzen-meb-2012-birincisi-sumo-robot/ This article has more info which was written by my friend Ibrahim Savrukoglu.

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