First Versions Of Sumo Robot Controllers

First Versions Of Sumo Robot Controllers

Sumo robot controller card with arduino

 Last year I designed some sumo robot controller circuits. All components (Motor drivers, voltage regulators, Arduino) in one board.

Mosfet Motor controller breadboard design


Firstly I made some test with breadboard.

second version of sumo robot motor controller cardThis wasn’t last design. I doubled mosfet transistors at last design.

mosfet-h-bridge-motor-driver sumo-robot-motor-controller-arduino

Last through pin design. It was like an art to make this board. I used at Shadow sumo robot. After I used smaller SMD motor controller designs. Also Design’s one fault is not having optocouplers (Very big Fault..)

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  • Elio Paez Reply

    Hi, I am a teacher in a school of electronics. And let me know if I can spend the schematic of this board, or transistors or mosfet you used .

    Thank you

    June 20, 2016 at 1:34 AM

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