Fusion! Japanese Style Sumo Robot

Fusion! Japanese Style Sumo Robot

Technical Specs:

Voltage: 25V (6 cell lipo)
Weight: 3kg
Speed: 1m/sec
Body: Laser cut Aluminium
Wheels: Only two wheels.
Sensors: 1 meter distance industrial sensors.
Gear reduction: 7,2:1
Magnets: A lot of neodymium (NdFeB) magnets:) Pulling force 40-50kg.

It competed at Turkey 2011 competitions.  Watch below.

Pepperl fuchs sensors have only 0.5 ms response time.

Robot’s System:


And Autodesk assembly pics. All project has been designed with Autodesk Inventor.



Maxon RE40 Model motors were used. They are big, beefy motors.

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