Impala Sumo Robot

Impala Sumo Robot

I started to do it since July/2015 and this it 3rd evolution ever listening looking and learning how to be better

The IMPALA “SS” born in December/2015 when I decided to do a better robot designing.

And using better components first I need to buy some goods toys so I started to search where do I can to get it. Later, I found JSumo where I buy some things and then I get most of the material that I need to build the robot I started to designing and that wasn’t easy so I later then I send to manufacture my design while I started to make my program so I get all parts until February then I started to assemble it I later at least middle month because I had some errors while I designing so I had to fix it so I had to work hard with it then I can find the correct magnets the correct distance from my wheels I can’t found the correct material to manufacture my blade lots of things that make me loose time finally when I finish to assemble the robot was almost March.

I had almost finished the robot so I need to start to check another aspects like Weight & Speed and that was no problem but current? So First I had to check how my motors works and what do it need?

I found that the MAXON RE35 24v it maximum current drain is stall 40 Amps, continuous 5A so I need to search a driver that satisfies this aspect and I select Sabertooth 2x60A

The MAXON Motor’s speed is over 7800rpm

It’s weight It’s over 2980 gr

It uses engines 6.42:1 reduction

The robot uses 7 sensors.

3 sensors are to detect the opponent by the front and 2 per side to detect the opponent by side and 2 to detect white line

Then I have had to design my own control driver having all components I usually use Arduino to control

The IMPALA “SS” recently won the second place in the 5th robotics competition UPTx where it gets it’s Invitation to ROBOCHALLENGE ROMANIA 9th edition

I’m part from Universidad Politécnica de Tlaxcala I’m working just with one friend. The plan it’s always learn and improve to be someday one of the best
My name it’s Gregorio Minor Carro and see you soon


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    Nice robot and congratulations for the second place.

    Please drop me an email at, I’d like to extend an invitation to you as well.

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    Hola, quisiera saber, si eres tan amable, dónde fabricaste el chasis de tú robot; y si sabes de alguna empresa, que fabrique en Colombia; muchas gracias.

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