Kyuseishu Sumo Robot

Kyuseishu Sumo Robot

I have been inactive for about a year. We have been working on very special sumo robots. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose any details about the other robots.

Kyuseishu Sumo Robot


Max Speed: 7.2 m/s, limited to 6.1 m/s – 6.5 m/s

Battery: 2x 3S Matched Impedance competition grade Li-Po batteries. I would recommend Gens Ace batteries if you have the space for them. In competition because of the weight constraint we use Turnigy batteries.

Motor Drivers: Currently it uses a motor driver from ion motion; But we have designed a custom board for it.

We cannot supply the necessary parts for it we are waiting for Farnell to stock them.


5x Keyence PZ-G41N. PZ-G41N is the NPN version of the PZ-G41P. PZ-G41P can be bought from jsumo Shop

4x QTR1-A Again these sensors can be bought from jsumo

Gear Ratio 6.057:1

Currently Arduino Nano based, but the final version will be ARM-CORTEX M7 based.

Specs of the final motor driver:

Peak 400A at 40V, Continuous 200A at 40V

Current monitoring, Phase correction, 4-Quadrant PWM at 30Khz, Fully isolated from the digital side.

Motors: Maxon DCX35L configured with special brushes and bearings for high speed operation. Similar motors can be bought from

Blade: I bought it from another team. (I don’t think they would allow me to give any info about it.) Unfortunately their screws did not match with my robots. I needed to drill new holes with tungsten-carbide drill bits.



Note that we do not have a proper dohyo. The dohyo used has a diameter of 1m this forced us to reduce the searching speed of the robot to 2.8 m/s- 2.4 m/s.

Photo of the ARM Based Motor Driver / Logic Board


Photo From a Simulation

Image (4)

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