Merx (Mini Sumo)

Merx (Mini Sumo)

My first mini sumo project which is made at 2005. Beautiful robot kit from Solarbotics. I changed It’s motors to slower model. Slower motors have more torque. Changed wheels with silicone bands.

It works with 6 Cells of Alkaline batteries.

Motor Specs
Description:  Offset / Inline
Gear Ratio:  224.00:1
Unloaded RPM (6V):  46
Unloaded Current (6V):  50 mA
Stall Current (6V):  710 mA
Stall Torque (6V):  56.94 in*oz
Weight:  0.04 g



They are Solarbotics GM2 model motors. all motor gears made from hard plastic so I don’t recommend for new designs. It has 46 rpm and 56 oz-inch stall torque at 6V.

Motor’s reduction ratio is 224:1 It’s very high! Actually not for today’s mini sumo robots.



Wheels are standard wheels from mini sumo kit. I added two brass weights for more wheel traction. Additionally, wheel’s outer rings are made from 20 shoreA softness silicon.




Mini Sumo Robot Videos

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