High Current Dc Motor Controller Project

High Current Dc Motor Controller Project


For this year’s sumo robots, I have to design new better motor controllers. At first designs, I used big power mosfets, through hole components. With experience, I made better, concentrated PCB. I used this boards at my all sumo robots (Shadow, JSumo, Fusion2)
It uses 4 Power MOSFETs and HIP4081A MOSFET driver. I fabricated only 20 pieces as prototype. I made 2 PCB in design. The bottom deck is power system (MOSFETs, MOSFET driver,s, regulators…).


Motor Driver’s Bottom Layer, Bottom side.

Upper Deck is controlled card (which has mcu, current sensor, fan…)

Motor Driver's top layer.

Motor Driver’s top layer.

Current sensor is at the right upper corner. Control card has some options I will use them at other non-robotic projects.high-current-dc-motor-driver White IC is HCPL2631 Optocoupler


We see big Philips Axial Capacitors. They are rated 1000uF 40V.


I am planning to make some developments like non-smoked, non-friable PCBs..:)

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