Paladino Sumo Robot / UFFight Robótica – 2015

Paladino Sumo Robot / UFFight Robótica – 2015

What is your Robot’s Name?

Paladino (UFFight Robótica) (2015)

Paladino is a 3Kg Radio controller sumo robot build by UFFight Robótica from Universidade Federal Fluminense.

When you build? And Duration of progress.

Paladino was design in the beginning of 2015, and has been improved since then.

Which difficulties you faced while building?

Due to the Lack of investment, we had to find innovative solutions for the powertrain specially.

Technical specs of project (Weight, Speed, Working Current)

Max Speed: 0.3 m/s;

Weight: 2986 g

What is engines of Robot? Motors, reduction system?

The motors are Bosch FPG series. Used commonly for window lifters in cars.

The reduction system is the original of the motor, which is a 73:1. Using worm gears.

Can you talk about electronics and mechanics section (This section may be supported with PCB, Cad images…)

We use a Sabertooth 2×60 Dual motor speed controller. We also run our robot at 18 V, in a two batteries in series.

Did it compete at any tournament? Local and international?

Paladino has attended in two competitions so far:

  • Winter Challenge 2015 – 8th Place;
  • Summer Challenge 2015 – 2nd Place.

That is our team!! Any question to us?! Please, contact us at facebook using the following link:

How do you plan further developments?

In the future we plan, to change our transmission, using better motors.
Besides that, we plan to change the material on which the structure is made

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