Sabertooth Motor Controller 25×2 Review

Sabertooth Motor Controller 25×2 Review

Sabertooth motor controller 25 x2

Sabertooth Motor Controller is absolutely perfect for robotic systems. I used these motor controllers at my Tsunami and Fusion sumo robot projects.  It has big power connectors.  I never experienced bad problems like Pololu motor controllers.

Sabertooth Motor controller has four interface methods:

  1. R/C mode : For using r/c receivers especially.
  2. Analog mode:  My preferred choice.
  3. Serial
  4. Packetized Serial

Some Notes About Motor Controller:

  • For analog mode control you have to add one capacitor (100nF) and resistor (1K-4,7K) to your interface. After you can control sabertooth by mcu’s hardware Pwm.
  • With built-in protection circuits sabertooth is like bulletproof.  Controller never heated in my projects.
  • It has also 5V regulator output at controller card. But I don’t recommend using at other circiuts.
  • For smaller space usage, I tried removing side aluminium heat sinks. But I couldn’t..:) So don’t try.
  • Don’t reverse battery connections!


  • Easy usage
  • Regenerative system adds extra fuel to batteries.
  • Big  terminals ensure firm connections.
  • Easy tuning by smd dipswitch.
  • Motor can drive all Maxon motors easily.


  • Expensive.
  • Having linear voltage regulator, If it had switching mode it can better. (Later models have)
  • Reverse battery protection absence.

Program Code:

For Analog mode control I am using Pic Mcu’s Hardware PWM channels (HPWM1 – HPWM2). It is very easy.

‘Motor Speed Declarations
DEFINE CCP1_BIT 2 ‘Hpwm 1 pin bit
DEFINE CCP2_BIT 1 ‘Hpwm 2 pin bit
DEFINE HPWM2_TIMER 1 ‘Hpwm 2 timer
DEFINE HPWM3_TIMER 1 ‘Hpwm 3 timer
HPWM 2, 255,16000   ‘Full Speed both channel
HPWM 1,255,16000
Pause 1000                      ‘ How much duration
HPWM 2, 60,16000 ‘ Less Speed (60/255)both channel
HPWM 1,60,16000

Codes are written in Picbasic language. here, you can find Sabertooth Motor controller. That model and higher current models are very popular among sumo robot makers.


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  • umut Reply

    Also I am using for my sumo robot project. I bought after reading this review thanks Jsumo.:) It’s good controller

    August 29, 2011 at 5:45 PM

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