Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810



Team: Team-Udon

Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』

 This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class).

Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion)



  • 2 Maxon RE40 DC Motors(24V)
  • LiPo Battery 11 cell  (max : 46.2V)
  • Max Speed 3.9 m/s
  • Movable blade
  • Magnetic force 300 kg
  • Specular surface of robot body






                             Specular surface body

 The body of the mirror surface disturbs a sensor.


Defense power with a magnetic force of 300 kg


 A convention video can be seen. (2013 ALL JAPAN  ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT )


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  • Heather Reply

    The Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot is so cool! I can’t believe how much strength it has! No wonder it is a champion robot–just watch those videos.

    September 15, 2015 at 2:52 AM

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