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Fırato Series Japan Style Sumo Robots

Motors: Fırato 2: Maxon RE 40 Fırato Alpha : Maxon RE 35 Power Trains Max Speed Fırato San: 4.8 m/s Continuous 5 m/s peak Fırato-2 and Alpha: 4 m/s Fırato-San: Mercedes-Benz AMG Power train (Custom built) Fırato 2 and Alpha: Pre-configured gears with custom mounts Construction Methods Ultra-Durable weird alloy used in busses. Custom built brackets made out of steel and plated with Cr M4/M3 Screws Sensors: Fırato-San-2-Alpha: 3xKeyence PZG-41N 2x Omron 2x E3Z-D62 Electronics: Every electronic circuits are custom built. Here are the specs for them Rev MC1 3-Board solution 2x Motor Driver 1x Logic board Motor driver capacity [...]