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Impala Sumo Robot

I started to do it since July/2015 and this it 3rd evolution ever listening looking and learning how to be better The IMPALA “SS” born in December/2015 when I decided to do a better robot designing and using better components first I need to buy some goods toys so I started to search where do I can to get it and I found JSumo where I buy some things and then I get most of the material that I need to [...]

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810 Team: Team-Udon Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』  This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class). Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion)   Features 2 Maxon RE40 DC Motors(24V) LiPo Battery 11 cell  (max : 46.2V) Max Speed 3.9 m/s Movable blade Magnetic force 300 kg Specular surface of robot body                                  Specular surface body  The body of the mirror surface disturbs a sensor.   Defense power with a magnetic force of 300 kg    A convention video can be seen. [...]

Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)

This robot competed at 2012 Meb Robot Contest and 2012 – 2013 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament. İbrahim Savrukoglu and Me made this project. We used 4 Maxon RE35 Dc Motors at robot. We made custom reduction for Maxon motors to 2,5:1 ! Here you can find some photos of robots. (more…)

New Sumo Robot “Shadow!” In Progress

This year we built better sumo. It uses Keyence & Omron sensors.. Total six sensors robot use. It competed at: Uludag Robot Gunleri 2012 Meb Robotik Yarismasi 2012 Isparta SDU Robot Yarisması 2012 For now only one video and some photos..:) With new Arduino Sumo Robot Controller Card.

Maxon Motors for Sumo Robots

Almost all Japan teams use Maxon dc motors for sumo robots. And we started to use at our projects. At this article I will explain why we use them. At my latest projects,I used Maxon motors for drive. They have superior quality.  At  Fusion I used maxon RE40 Dc brushed motor. These motors rated 150 watt at 24V. They have incredible torque. Firstly motors have very little response time due to the coreless structure. For RE40 response time is only 4 [...]

Cellat Sumo Robot

Cellat (Executioner) Sumo Robot (Old 2008 Year Project) Actually it has three plexiglass plane. İt uses 4 Maxon motors, They rated 48V!! Yess:) Motors are weighing 400gr ea. It’s wheels are 6cm diameter Neoprene formula car tires.. Motors have high speed about 638 rpm and 14 kg-cm torque. I’m was using 36! NiMH AAA cells.  (It was a long times ago before li-po batteries…) (more…)

Fusion! Japanese Style Sumo Robot

Technical Specs: Voltage: 25V (6 cell lipo) Weight: 3kg Speed: 1m/sec Body: Laser cut Aluminium Wheels: Only two wheels. Sensors: 1 meter distance industrial sensors. Gear reduction: 7,2:1 Magnets: A lot of neodymium (NdFeB) magnets… Pulling force 40-50kg. It competed at Turkey 2011 competitions.  Watch below. Pepperl fuchs sensors have only 0.5 ms response time. Robot’s System:   And Autodesk assembly pics. All project has been designed with Autodesk Inventor.   Motors: Maxon RE40 Model motors were used. They are big, beefy motors.