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How to Make Mini Sumo Robot with EASYBOARD? Code Included!

Hi friends, In that article, I will introduce you our new controller, Easyboard. And we will write the program together. What will we handle at that article? What is Mini sumo Robot? Easyboard Features Attaching sensors & Motors Programming the mini sumo robot code And further developments First of all we need to explain. 1. What is Mini Sumo robot? Minisumo robot is one of a branch of hobby robotics, Same as sumo matches or box matches main aim is beating an opponent by pushing out of the ring. [...]

Sinan Paşa Mini Sumo Robot Series (Version 1-2-3)

Hi, I will share informations about my mini-sumo robots which are called “Sinan Paşa”. “Sinan Paşa V1” was so precious for me, because it was my first robot. Before I started to build my robot, I researched about robots, watched a few videos about mini-sumo robots, and read about them. Let's start with a video and later I will explain. Firstly, I designed the mechanical chassis. I pondered on frontside and I decided to design it like a ramp. I created [...]

Wheel Report 2015 – Our Wheels (SLT20 – SLT20P) Against to Banebots & Fingertech Wheels

Wheel Report for Mini Sumo Robots Wheels is one of the important items for the mini sumo robots. At that article I will compare our production wheels to against other brand wheels. SLT20: Silicone and Aluminium Robot Wheel which is produced by us (JSumo Team) SL20P: Brass and Aluminium Robot wheel this model is produced from us too. Banebots: We will examine green 3/8 inch model, which are produced by Banebots. Good quality model at I examined. Fingertech: These are popular models at minisumo robots, [...]

Merx (Mini Sumo)

My first mini sumo project which is made at 2005. Beautiful robot kit from Solarbotics. I changed It’s motors to slower model. Slower motors have more torque. Changed wheels with silicone bands. It works with 6 Cells of Alkaline batteries. Motor Specs Description:  Offset / Inline Gear Ratio:  224.00:1 Unloaded RPM (6V):  46 Unloaded Current (6V):  50 mA Stall Current (6V):  710 mA Stall Torque (6V):  56.94 in*oz Weight:  0.04 g   Motors They are Solarbotics GM2 model motors. all motor gears made from hard plastic so I don’t recommend for new designs. It has 46 rpm and 56 [...]