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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pololu 36V20CS Motor Controllers

In this review, I will write some bad things about Burnt Pololu 36V20CS Robot controllers. First of all, I will start with me. I am not beginner at motor controllers or at least implementing motor controllers to robot systems. When I bought I was very excited and curious about these motor controllers… But I get disappointed with performance and lack of guarantee. (more…)

High Current Dc Motor Controller Project

For this year’s sumo robots, I have to design new better motor controllers. At first designs, I used big power mosfets, through hole components. With experience, I made better, concentrated PCB. I used this boards at my all sumo robots (Shadow, JSumo, Fusion2) It uses 4 Power MOSFETs and HIP4081A MOSFET driver. I fabricated only 20 pieces as prototype. I made 2 PCB in design. The bottom deck is power system (MOSFETs, MOSFET driver,s, regulators…). Motor Driver’s Bottom Layer, Bottom side. Upper Deck [...]

First Versions Of Sumo Robot Controllers

 Last year I designed some sumo robot controller circuits. All components (Motor drivers, voltage regulators, Arduino) in one board.   Firstly I made some test with breadboard. This wasn’t last design. I doubled mosfet transistors at last design. Last through pin design. It was like an art to make this board. I used at Shadow sumo robot. After I used smaller SMD motor controller designs. Also Design’s one fault is not having optocouplers (Very big Fault..)

Sabertooth Motor Controller 25×2 Review

Sabertooth Motor Controller is absolutely perfect for robotic systems. I used these motor controllers at my Tsunami and Fusion sumo robot projects.  It has big power connectors.  I never experienced bad problems like Pololu motor controllers. Sabertooth Motor controller has four interface methods: R/C mode : For using r/c receivers especially. Analog mode:  My preferred choice. Serial Packetized Serial Some Notes About Motor Controller: For analog mode control you have to add one capacitor (100nF) and resistor (1K-4,7K) to your interface. After you can control sabertooth [...]