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Quetzalito, Mexican Microsumo

We are a Mexican team, and we were building this robot for a year, it’s principally made of brass. When we started,the principal problem was the space, we needed to put all the components in a very small area and like it was notenough we wanted that it looked great, for this reason, we started to work in different designs along this last year. As can you see, the first robot that we made was horrible, but we are the [...]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Pololu 36V20CS Motor Controllers

In this review, I will write some bad things about Burnt Pololu 36V20CS Robot controllers. First of all, I will start with me. I am not beginner at motor controllers or at least implementing motor controllers to robot systems. When I bought I was very excited and curious about these motor controllers… But I get disappointed with performance and lack of guarantee. (more…)