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XMotion Basics – XMotion 101

What is XMotion? XMotion is Arduino Compatible all in one robot controller. Which designed specially for  robotics, IOT and maker projects.It includes powerful Motor drivers, switching mode regulator, interface circuits and more. With protected features, it is all in one board for lots of different type robot projects. So in basic, we add sensors, battery, motors and all other blocks are inside XMotion board. With XMotion you can make these robots easily: Mini sumo Robot (500 grams 2- 4 motors) Midi sumo Robot (1 [...]

Morpheus Sumo Robot – BattleLab Robotica 2016 1st Place Winner

When you build? And Duration of progress. This year, and the build took around 5 months. Which difficulties you faced while building? The front of the robot was hard to make it as we hish. Technical specs of project (Weight, Speed, Working Current) It weights 3000g it has an approximated speed of 3.5m/s at around 30V. What is engines of Robot? Motors, reduction system? We used Maxon motors 35mm with a high reduction system formed in 2 stages. How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor [...]

GZERO Robot Sumo – MEB Turkey Robot Competition 2016 1st Place Winner

I started to design with my team at the beginning of first months of 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. I updated old design of Senju and it bringed me victory. We made very harsh matches with another Turkish teams and never lost. Please watch video below. Mechanical Parts First 3D design was made, and it began to be made in production. 2 weeks within ended the production of CNC and CNC Laser machine. Gears: Specially made sumo robot gears for speed and usability. [...]

Fırato Series Japan Style Sumo Robots

Motors: Fırato 2: Maxon RE 40 Fırato Alpha : Maxon RE 35 Power Trains Max Speed Fırato San: 4.8 m/s Continuous 5 m/s peak Fırato-2 and Alpha: 4 m/s Fırato-San: Mercedes-Benz AMG Power train (Custom built) Fırato 2 and Alpha: Pre-configured gears with custom mounts Construction Methods Ultra-Durable weird alloy used in busses. Custom built brackets made out of steel and plated with Cr M4/M3 Screws Sensors: Fırato-San-2-Alpha: 3xKeyence PZG-41N 2x Omron 2x E3Z-D62 Electronics: Every electronic circuits are custom built. Here are the specs for them Rev MC1 3-Board solution 2x Motor Driver 1x Logic board Motor driver capacity [...]

Wolf Sumo Robot (by Team Flex) – 2014

Designed and built by TeamFlex in Romania, at the beginning of 2014. Features: Maxon RE40 148866 DC Motors – 2 2-stage gearbox with total ratio 5.7:1 Omron opponent sensors – 8 Banner opponent sensors – 3 Pepperl&Fuchs line detection sensors – 2 Calculated speed is somewhere around 5mps, but actual measured speed is between 3.5 and 4 mps.   100% Test for 100 ms Wolf(RO) vs. Zibsnis(LV) at Robotchallenge 2014

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810 Team: Team-Udon Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』  This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class). Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion)   Features 2 Maxon RE40 DC Motors(24V) LiPo Battery 11 cell  (max : 46.2V) Max Speed 3.9 m/s Movable blade Magnetic force 300 kg Specular surface of robot body                                  Specular surface body  The body of the mirror surface disturbs a sensor.   Defense power with a magnetic force of 300 kg    A convention video can be seen. [...]

Darpzen Sumo Robot Photos (2012 MEB Contest Winner – Old)

This robot competed at 2012 Meb Robot Contest and 2012 – 2013 All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament. İbrahim Savrukoglu and Me made this project. We used 4 Maxon RE35 Dc Motors at robot. We made custom reduction for Maxon motors to 2,5:1 ! Here you can find some photos of robots. (more…)

Lancer 2.0 Robot Sumo

Sumo Lancer. Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México. Facultad de Ciencias de la Electrónica. http://jsumo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/VID-20130607-175855-593.mp4 Lancer en la 1a Copa Internacional de Robótica ,Junio de 2013, México, Distrito Federal. http://jsumo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/VID-20130607-175748.mp4 Lancer en la 1a Copa Internacional de Robótica, Junio de 2013, México, Distrito Federal. http://jsumo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/RoboCore-WC13-Lancer-BUAP.mp4 Lancer en ROBOCORE Winter Challenge, Julio de 2013, São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, Brasil.  

My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

Design: Mysterious Ryota (Ayashii Ryota) ※Japanese name: 怪しい涼汰 Manufacture: People of small factory in town (main Ota-ku), my friends and young engineers (Mitoyo technical high school students) Very very thank you for everybody’s cooperation!!   Team: Team-Udon (Post: secretary and manager) Robot name: Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna ※Japanese robot name: 明鏡止水ノ絆   I’m making 2 sumo robots for  this year. Then, let’s introduce them. Looks like Hedge hog !? (Appearance)   All circles are magnets!! (Magnetic force : Small magnet magnetic force is about 5kg,Big magnet magnet magnetic force is about 7.5kg) (Bottom)    This is a very very heavy weight machine in one of them. This was planning move by pressure welding. It [...]