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Kyuseishu Sumo Robot

I have been inactive for about a year. We have been working on very special sumo robots. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose any details about the other robots. Kyuseishu Sumo Robot Specs: Max Speed: 7.2 m/s, limited to 6.1 m/s – 6.5 m/s Battery: 2x 3S Matched Impedance competition grade Li-Po batteries. I would recommend Gens Ace batteries if you have the space for them. In competition because of the weight constraint we use Turnigy batteries. Motor Drivers: Currently it uses a motor driver from ion motion; But we [...]

Raven Sumo Robot (EasyTeam) (2015)

When you build? And Duration of progress. Designed by EasyTeam in Tlaxcala, Mexico. In June 2015. It was hard & long progress but we managed. Still working and making better the design. Technical specs of project (Weight, Speed, Working Current) Max speed 3.5 m/s We are planning to give higher voltage for more faster movements. What is engines of Robot? Motors, reduction system? 2 Maxon Motors  RE40 (12v) 2-stage gearbox with total ratio 5.5:1 How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent sensor Features? 2 [...]