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Motor Speed to Robot Speed Calculator

In these CoVid-19 days it looks like we will share more articles, projects. I am starting with one basic calculator for robot speed.  You can easily calculate it with a calculator though, but laziness .. 🙂

Shifu Micro Sumo Robot – Equipo Educacion Urbana Argentina

When you build? And Duration of progress I built it in 10 days. It is designed in Autocad and printed in 3D on PLA. What was the hardest part you achieved? Without a doubt, the most difficult was the arrangement of the micromotors and the total weight of the robot.

EnkhTrace V1.3 TTF Robotics Mongolia

When you build? And Duration of progress Probably, 3month What was the hardest part you achieved? Line following coding is one of the difficult part of to make line following robot, It consist from so many formulas, like a PID term. If you will ask you technical part? My first answer is always the motor. It’s exactly one of the difficult technical part to make line follower robot. for example: motor encoder, your motor have you how many torque.

Plexus Mini Sumo Robot – 2K1 team

When you build? And Duration of progress Well, this is a result of loong months of thinking, watching, considering, designing,redesigning, building,rebuilding. If I would sum up total real work time it would be like for a few days. This robot is made for 2020 competitions from Romania.

SENAI-SC Sumo Robot

When you build? And Duration of progress 3 months.

How to Assemble M1 Mini Sumo Robot?

In this article, we will assemble M1 mini sumo robot kit together. This robot model is very popular amongst beginner to moderate robot makers with versatility. Based on Arduino nano platform it is highly developable. But before development we need to assemble 🙂 In that article you will find all tips and tricks of M1 assembly and development.

DarkSeid – Equipo TESLA 3D Ecuador

When you build? And Duration of progress I built it 2 years ago, it took me about a week to build it. It is designed in solidworks and sent to mechanize.

BanglaBot Line Follower Robot- SEC_Amplifier

When you build? And Duration of progress it took 15 days to build. That robot follows line and also retreats from obstacles. After assembling coding took longer time than expected.

DIY Antweight RC Remote

When you start out making antweight robots, the most expensive thing is the remote. For this reason I searched for a cheap RC Remote option. There were some cheap options in aliexpress, but I thought about an even cheaper option.

InvisiblePower V1.1 // Team – RobotikaJJG

When you build? And Duration of progress I built my V1 about in 2 weeks, just before Robotex 2019. But I had been designing the 3d model for about one month on and off. If I would count how much time did it take, I would say that it would be about 20-25 hours in CAD, 3-4 hours of soldering everything together, including the custom PCB and building everything together ~ 2-3hours. But of course it took some tries to get everything right, because at first, there were some design flaws, so I wasted some plastic and printing time.