DarkSeid – Equipo TESLA 3D Ecuador

DarkSeid – Equipo TESLA 3D Ecuador

When you build? And Duration of progress

I built it 2 years ago, it took me about a week to build it. It is designed in solidworks and sent to mechanize.

What was the hardest part you achieved?

The selection of the engines and the programming of the strategies.

Robot’s Total Weight
426 grams

Maximum speed it can achieve
Not measured.

Which batteries it uses?
A 3-cell Lipo Nanotech battery 11.1V / 180mAh.

Motor models and reduction system?
I use 17: 1 high torque / speed ratio maxon motors

At your robot what is more stronger, torque or speed?

Also please explain your electronics. Which Microcontroller system is used? What is compliementary circuits like regulator boards, motor drivers or other sensors…
Use an atmega328p microcontroller with 20MHz crystal, driver that supports up to 4 A per channel, you have available up to 7 pins for 5 j_sumo js40f sensors and 2 qtr1113 line sensors, it also has some pins for the starter and 3 push buttons for combat strategies.

How did you made your PCBs, custom made or factory production? Or ready boards?
Buy an already developed pcb

How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent sensor Features?
5 Piece JS40F Opponent and 2 Line Sensors, Line sensors are QTR1A Boards (QRE1113GR).

Are there any tournaments that robot competed? Any degrees?
I have competed in several competitions obtaining the first places.

What do you plan for future on that robot?
Re-design one with greater torque and speed. And be able to attend international competitions.

If any JSumo product helped you please declare
If the js40f sensors help me a lot.

If you have any questions, please comment below. I will try to help 🙂


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    Excelente trabajo amigo uno de los mejores del país con robot’s de alto nivel de competencia y diseños únicos felicidades amigo

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    Very good work, all the robots that I have met have been winners in the competitions that I have participated. Thanks for the tips to improve my participation. Successes in your future plans.

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