EnkhTrace V1.3 TTF Robotics Mongolia

EnkhTrace V1.3 TTF Robotics Mongolia

When you build? And Duration of progress

Probably, 3month

What was the hardest part you achieved?

Line following coding is one of the difficult part of to make line following robot, It consist from so many formulas, like a PID term. If you will ask you technical part? My first answer is always the motor. It’s exactly one of the difficult technical part to make line follower robot. for example: motor encoder, your motor have you how many torque.

Robot’s Total Weight & Dimensions
Totally 150gr
Dimesions: 150cm x 151cm x 2.6cm

Maximum speed it can achieve
V=3-4m/s in straight road

Which batteries it uses?
7.4V 2S LiPo battery, 650mA/H

Motor models and reduction system?
Gear reduction ratio is 46/15 (3.06) my motor maxium speed is 14800rpm in 12v without gear reduction, 14800/46:15=4933RPM

At your robot what is more stronger, torque or speed?

Also please explain your electronics. Which Microcontroller system is used? What is compliementary circuits like regulator boards, motor drivers or other sensors…
STM32F108R8T6 MCU, 5v 3A stepdown buck, portescap motor. TB6612 motor driver, qre1113 IR sensor, LY3200ALH gyroscope. JDY30 bluetooth module, round buzzer

How did you made your PCBs, custom made or factory production? Or ready boards?
I designed and manufactured at jlcpcb.

How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent sensor Features?
10 IR Sensor, 2 motor encoder, gyroscope sensor

Are there any tournaments that robot competed? Any degrees?
2nd prize in 2 times in National robot contest , 3rd prize in Robot Challenge Erdenet contest

What do you plan for future on that robot?
I think, i will make it with camera.

If any JSumo product helped you please declare
One time, I copied design from Jsumo storm line follower, haha, what a shame.:)

General Part list that will be used are:

    • MCU: STM32F103R8T6 64Mhz (ext rc 8Mhz)
    • Motor Driver: TB6612FNG SMD
    • Motor: PORTESCAP 14800rpm 12V geared to 1:3 4933RPM
    • Servo: MG90
    • Wheel Rubber: Paper load RUBBER in Printer
    • Sensor: QRE1113
    • Battery: LiPo 7.4V 650 mAH
    • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 JDY-30
    • SMD res size: 0402,0603,0805,1206
    • Regulator: 5v 3a buck step down
    • Motor mount: 3D Printer, CNC
    • Gear: 46teeth(on wheel), 15 teeth(on motor shaft)
    • Wheel: acrylic milled by CNC, 8 bearing use on wheel
    • Used softwares: SOLIDWORKS, EasyEDA, Keil, STM32cubeMX, Altium Designer, Autodesk Inventor

If you have any questions, please comment below. I will try to help 🙂

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    How much is cost?

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