Fırato Series Japan Style Sumo Robots

Fırato Series Japan Style Sumo Robots


  • Fırato 2: Maxon RE 40
  • Fırato Alpha : Maxon RE 35

Power Trains

Max Speed

  • Fırato San: 4.8 m/s Continuous 5 m/s peak
  • Fırato-2 and Alpha: 4 m/s

Fırato-San: Mercedes-Benz AMG Power train (Custom built)

Fırato 2 and Alpha: Pre-configured gears with custom mounts

Construction Methods

  • Ultra-Durable weird alloy used in busses.
  • Custom built brackets made out of steel and plated with Cr
  • M4/M3 Screws


Fırato-San-2-Alpha: 3xKeyence PZG-41N 2x Omron 2x E3Z-D62


Every electronic circuits are custom built.

Here are the specs for them

Rev MC1

3-Board solution 2x Motor Driver 1x Logic board

Motor driver capacity 400A @ 16v with heatsink. 50A @ 16v without heatsink. These are the continuous current values.

Custom Analog-Fuse(When a mosfet dies it cuts the power only for that mosfet and uses the other available ones),Current limitting,PWM,Emergency shutdown,Thermal-Shutdown and built in SEPIC

Rev NC2

Fully Self contained solution. Motor Driver + Logic Board.

Motor Driver Specs : 400A @ 30V with heatsink. 70A @30V Without heatsink. These are the continuous current values.

Current Sense, Optional(Temp Sense,Regular fuse) No PWM, Fast response time.

Logic Specs : Built in programmer, 32 Tactics (5 of them are programmed), Self test, Built in Switch Mode Regulators.

Note: I wrote this article in somewhere near May 2014 (Sorry Mr. Dede) better late than never. I have also lost the photos that I had taken and Mr. Dede also had some photos. If he whishes to I would be glad to see them here.


Rev NC2 (Simulation)


Rev CX1 (the rest of the revison is just the configuration)



No/Photos (Mr.Dede has some)




  1. Reply

    Too bad you lost the photos :(, they would have been really cool to look at! Maybe Mr. Dede could give you some of them to post here?

    What is the maximum speed of a mini sumo robot you owned?

  2. Reply

    your motor driver was ready-made or did you make it?

  3. Reply

    Wow man, I see that you worked hard. Very complex PCB designs. Do you have any suggestion for mosfet transistor model?

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