GZERO Robot Sumo – MEB Turkey Robot Competition 2016 1st Place Winner

GZERO Robot Sumo – MEB Turkey Robot Competition 2016 1st Place Winner

I started to design with my team at the beginning of first months of 2015 at Istanbul, Turkey. I updated old design of Senju and it bringed me victory. We made very harsh matches with another Turkish teams and never lost. Please watch video below.

Mechanical Parts

First 3D design was made, and it began to be made in production. 2 weeks within ended the production of CNC and CNC Laser machine.

Gears: Specially made sumo robot gears for speed and usability. 0,6 module helps good reduction in only 1 stage while maintaning small dimensions. Pinion gear specially made for 6mm shaft maxon motors. Pinion gear covers the shaft completely.

Wheels: The tire is directly molded to aluminum hubs by vulcanisation for making stronger & harder. Which is a must for sumo robot projects. It jsumo.com these wheels are sold. (http://jsumo.com/shop/jsumo-robot-wheel-40x30mm-pair/ )

Magnets : Best Neodymium Magnets for using at Japanese style sumo robots. Each magnet can give lots of pulling force to your robot. Used moderately.


Electronic Parts

Motor Control; Our own design special motor driver boards.
We are using Hip4081 mosfet H bridge driver ICs. And for mosfets I used IRF3205 mosfet transistors. At first test we used 4 mosfet for each driver. Later I doubled mosfets.

Microcontroller; specially designed control board, PIC16F series were used. Our controller uses PIC16F877A working at 20Mhz. I choosed Pic16F877A because of easiness and small size.


  • 5 x Keyence MultiBeam PZ-G41P Diffuse Reflective Type Infrared Sensor;
    They have superior sense distances.
  • 2x Pepperl+Fuchs Diffuse Type Reflective Sensor (ML-8-1000-RT)
    We used them also looking to front (Left and right holes at front)
  • 4 x QTR-1A Contrast (Line / Edge) Sensor. They are very tiny.


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    Hi my name is Omar, i was wondering if you could teach me how to make a Robot like this one please, e-mail me or send an imbox to me on facebook ohh and Greetings from Mexico!!

  2. Reply

    How can you stop like that suddenly?

  3. Reply

    Did you just simple doubled the IRF3205 by connecting two of them pin to pin together (2 MOSFET in parallel) or you used some external parts to double them?
    Could you attach the schematic, please?

  4. Reply

    hi. I have a question. How many degrees in a blade?

    • Reply

      We use between 19-23 degrees usually 😉

      • Reply

        hi,is this degree calculated ? If yes how do you do?

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    Hi, I would know if You could share the schematic of the motor driver. Thank you

  6. Reply

    Why do you use two different models of sensor?

    Where are the sensors located? I only see 5. (3 in the front, and 1 on each side)

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    Hola tendras el esquematico de puente h que utilizaste………

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    Hi ,
    please we want stronger j-sumo robot for saudi champion
    we want to buy it , how much the robot? , and massege me in my whatsapp
    SA Number +966561257443

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