Manual for Genesis Ver.2 – The big Changes for Robot Makers.

Manual for Genesis Ver.2 – The big Changes for Robot Makers.

In 2nd version of Genesis Controller. We made lots of changes. In that article I will emphasize them.


This was biggest feature we changed at Genesis V.2. For instance you have robots which are using Arduino Uno and Sparkfun Ardumoto or Arduino Motor Shield. Genesis now has same pinput for motor controlling. So they are identical with same program!

Buzzer to Speaker

We changed sound module from buzzer to speaker due to some reasons.

  • Speaker is thinner
  • Speaker can work like buzzer too!
  • With speaker, we can create more creative works, like playing Mozart at Genesis.

3 Trimpots to 2 Trimpots

We decreased trimpot number from 3 trimpot to 2 trimpot fue to rarely usage. Now 2 trimpot directly connected to Arduino Nano’s A6 and A7. (All other analog pins are at terminals). You can use 2 trimpots for speed changing, duration time changing etc…

Button and Start Module Input

2nd version Genesis removes one conflict too. Now you can start your robot with pushing the start button or adding start modules. They both give logic 1 (High, 5V) signal to Arduino Nano when pushed or start signal given.

So for instance when you add start module only change you need to do at your program is removing or commenting 5 second duration for mini sumo robots.

Changed pinouts

At first version we had 7 pins for adding another sensors, circuits etc. At new model we increased to 8 with different pins. Now Genesis 2 has generally analog pins as using for outputs. Please look to both tables for how we changed the pins.

Genesis Ver.1 I/O pins

Arduino PinsPurposeArduino PinsPurpose
D1EmptyD12Mode Led
D2EmptyD13Arduino Nano Built-in Led, Buzzer
D3Button Input, Start Module InputA0Empty
D5Left PWM Channel 1A2Mode Switch 3 Input
D6Left PWM Channel 2A3Mode Switch 2 Input
D7EmptyA4Mode Switch 1 Input
D8EmptyA5Edge Turn A5 Set Trimpot
D9Right PWM Channel 1A6Turn A6 Set Trimpot
D10Right PWM Channel 2A7Speed A7 Set Trimpot

Genesis Ver.2 I/O pins.

Arduino PinsPurposeArduino PinsPurpose
D0EmptyD11Right Motor PWM Channel (Speed Control)
D1EmptyD12Left Motor Dir Channel (Direction Control)
D2EmptyD13Right Motor Dir Channel (Direction Control), Arduino Nano Built-in Led
D3Left Motor PWM Channel (Speed Control)A0Empty
D5Dipswitch 1 InputA2Empty
D6Dipswitch 2 InputA3Empty
D7Dipswitch 3 InputA4Empty
D8Mode LedA5Empty
D9SpeakerA6Turn A6 Set Trimpot
D10Start Module & Button InputA7Speed A7 Set Trimpot

Download The New Genesis Code:

This code can be used for mini sumo robots which use Genesis Ver.2


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    Hi Firat, how do you mount the edge sensor? Do you have any pics to show? I’ve bought the M1 and now I’m left with the mounting of the edge sensor. Can you help??

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