My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

Design: Mysterious Ryota (Ayashii Ryota)

※Japanese name: 怪しい涼汰

Manufacture: People of small factory in town (main Ota-ku), my friends and young engineers (Mitoyo technical high school students)

Very very thank you for everybody’s cooperation!!

Team: Team-Udon (Post: secretary and manager)

Robot name: Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna

※Japanese robot name: 明鏡止水ノ絆

I’m making 2 sumo robots for this year.

Then, let’s introduce them.


Looks like Hedge hog !?



All circles are magnets!!

(Magnetic force : Small magnet magnetic force is about 5kg,Big magnet magnet magnetic force is about 7.5kg)


This is a very very heavy weight machine in one of them.

This was planning move by pressure welding.

It can move freely:) I manufactured it. But I gave up. Because it’s weight over and size over.


  • 4 Tsukasa geared morors (TG-85R-SU-552-KA,DC12V)
  • LiPo Battery 3 cell (12.3V)
  • Max Speed Unknown(very very very slow)
  • Size about 210mm×210mm 🙂
  • Weight about 4500g 🙂
  • 4 sensors (Best technology)
  • Magnetic force about 375kg




(Robot knives)

This is a tricky machine in one of them.

An upper cover also turns into a front cover.(→That is, it changes!)

Many many arrangements by many sensors is possible. (That arrangement by many sensors are secret.)

I have a robot knife with three kinds of angles.(Those angles are secret.)

Exchange of a robot knife is not hard.


  • 2 Maxon morors(RE40 or RE35)
  • LiPo Battery 7 cell (28.7V)
  • Max Speed Unknown
  • Size about 200mm×200mm
  • Weight Unknown
  • Many sensors(Best technology)
  • All gear drive
  • Magnetic force Unknown

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