Senju Winner of All Japan International Robot Sumo December 2014 (26th)

Senju Winner of All Japan International Robot Sumo December 2014 (26th)


I started to design with my team (H-Tech Robot Team) at the beginning of first moths of 2014 at Istanbul, Turkey.

Senju Robot won 4th degree at 26th (2014) All International Robot Sumo Tournament. The tournament which held at Tokyo, Japan.



All Mechanics is custom designed. I used aluminum and steel for mechanics.


Magnet Locations.


We designed Mosfet H Bridge circuit for controlling Maxon DCX motors.


2014 All Japan Robot Sumo Winners (RC and Autonomous) Mine is at the left.


Robot’s front with custom made sharp blade.

Senju Robot’s Videos



You can find lots of information at videos.

If you have any questions. Please comment to below. I will try to help.



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    Hello, just one question, how is it possible to arrive to 6.5m/s with those motors and that reduction? … I can’t understand.

  2. Reply

    Hello fellow robot designer, I noticed in your chassis there are no line sensors. How does your robot can stay in the limit of the arena?

  3. Reply

    your motor driver was readymade or did you make it

    • Reply

      Custom made. Please search “open source motor controller” project.

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    Hey, do you know if there are any such events in the Czech Republic? I don’t know anyone practicing this so there’s not someone I can really talk to about the mini sumo robots, how to build them or a training partner. This is a great sport, too bad it’s not more known and not more people are doing this.

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    I always wanted to participate in such events, but in my university, they don’t organize such kind of events. But thank to you that we are able to watch great videos and it inspires us so much.

  6. Reply

    I always wish to be a participant, but my university doesn’t hold this kind of event. I really appreciate your effort in uploading this great videos….

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    Perhaps this mistranslated, I speak Spanish ….
    I like that I will collaborate with H-bridge circuit mosfets, I’m really interested in this …. I would like to help.

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    that type of material used for the ramp sumo

  9. Reply

    Which sensor do you guys use to detect and attack the opponent? Do you use the same sensor to detect the white line too? Thanks!

    • Reply

      Omrons, Keyences for opponent detection. and QTR1A for white line detection.

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    Hi, I would know if You could share the schematic of the motor driver. Thank you

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    Hello can you email me to how to make a sumo robot like yours because I’m a 13 year old and I’m interested in competing robo sumo competition all over the world .


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