Syuryo-Kanna  Sumo Robot (2013)

Syuryo-Kanna Sumo Robot (2013)

Design and manufacture: noclaf8810 Team: Team-Udon Robot name:  Syuryo-kanna   ※Japanese → しこ名:首領『神無』  This robot participated in the 2013 ALL JAPAN  & INTERNATIONAL ROBOT SUMO TOURNAMENT (RC class). Ranking : Yokozuna (Champion) »

My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

My sumo robots name are Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna -明鏡止水ノ絆-

Design: Mysterious Ryota (Ayashii Ryota) ※Japanese name: 怪しい涼汰 Manufacture: People of small factory in town (main Ota-ku), my friends and young engineers (Mitoyo technical high school students) Very very thank you for everybody’s cooperation!! Team: Team-Udon (Post: secretary and manager) Robot name: Meikyoushisui-no-Kizuna ※Japanese robot name: 明鏡止水ノ絆 I’m making 2 sumo robots for  thi... »

All Japan Robot Sumo – Kanto Region Finals – RC Part 2

The Kanto regional finals for the All Japan Robot Sumo 2006 competition were held at Makuhari, Japan on October 7, 2006. This video includes selected bouts in the RC controlled robot classification. »