BanglaBot Line Follower Robot- SEC_Amplifier

BanglaBot Line Follower Robot- SEC_Amplifier

When you build? And Duration of progress

it took 15 days to build. That robot follows line and also retreats from obstacles. After assembling coding took longer time than expected.

What was the hardest part you achieved?

Hardware management, I had to custom design all electronics as a shield.

Robot’s Total Weight
380 grams.

Maximum speed it can achieve
I can run it on full pwm speed. I have used 800 rpm 12v motor with 4cm diameter silicone wheels.

Which batteries it uses?
Non brand chinese 3 cell 11.1 V battery.

Motor models and reduction system?
16GA 800 rpm 12 v non brand chinese motor

At your robot what is more stronger, torque or speed?

How many sensors robot uses? What is Edge sensor and Opponent sensor Features?
I used 11 pieces tcrt5000 sensor for line following.

Are there any tournaments that robot competed? Any degrees?
Robot took 3rd position in an inter contest in Bangladesh and selected to participate in IIT Techkriti’20 in India.

What do you plan for future on that robot?
I will make it more lighter and speedy

If any JSumo product helped you please declare
I have used jsumo silicone wheel (JS3734 wheel) to manage more traction and i am very much satisfied on it

If you have any questions, please comment below. I will try to help 🙂

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