New Opponent Sensors & Sensor Bracket Added!

New Opponent Sensors & Sensor Bracket Added!

Most Popular Sensors & COOL Bracket Added to JSumo

Long range sensors in stock now!

Previous day, we added 2 New Sensor and One Cool (universal) bracket to JSumo.
Our most favorited sensor is now in our stock, Keyence PZ-G41CB.


It has NPN+PNP output and have good range (1 meter). Very fast (500uS reponse).
I can easily say that sensor is mother of all sensors 🙂

Other new sensor is Omron E3Z-D82. Which is also very popular for sumo robot projects.
You can look to specs here:

What is more? NEW Brackets.

We produced one sensor bracket which is at heading image. It is made from Stainless steel, with heart shaped holes, you can fit lots of different sensors. More information here:

It comes with screws, sure.

These products will make your robot more strong and stylish:)

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    Hello, as you connect the e3z-d82 to an arduino, it is a PNP sensor that works at 12V.

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