New Sumo Robot Gears Added to JSumo Shop

New Sumo Robot Gears Added to JSumo Shop

Blazing Speed Sumo Robots! Achievable!

Sometimes when you watch sumo robot videos, you see how much they are fast. Some friends asking which motor you are using or which voltage? For making fast robot you need to change three things:

  1. Motor Voltage (DCX, RE40 or RE35 Types 12-18-24V Nominal Values)
  2. Wheel Size (35-50 millimeter sizes)
  3. Reduction (Cha-ching!)

Our secret was making lower reduction ratios.
Usually traditional robots uses 6:1, 6,5:1 or 5,5:1. With our lower ratio gear, you can achieve faster speeds at the same voltage. It affects your robot to response faster.

For that purposes first we created 4,30:1 gears which gives your robot to more speed and agile.

They are tough and unbreakable sure!

Bundle have 2 gears (1 Stage). Normally making that reduction ratio requires very big gears for 1 stage reduction.
But 0,6 module makes that thing achievable.

And we make ultimate hardness that gears by annealing. At that process gears first heated and later they send to soaking.

After that process, gears heated again for a little time to more homogene grain structure. This prevents brittleness. Whatever… it is science.. 🙂

Here you can buy:

It is limited if you want real fast and strong robot, these gears are a must.

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    You forgot on of the most important thing about DC motors 🙁

    The load and them. The load reduces speed proportionally. No matter of the voltage. Any friction is a loss to power output, as a a result of the speed reduction.

    So the less useless loads you eliminate, the more evaluation of your motor speed, torque, power is available.

    So would be nice to have good bearings also 🙂

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