Sumo Robots – Attack Strategies

Sumo Robots – Attack Strategies


We had the chance to interview two of the top officials in the All Japan Robot Sumo Association. They explained some of the attack and control strategies used by the top robots, and we put together this video to illustrate some of them for an article on Robots Dreams. For the latest robot news, information, hacks, photos, and videos with special, on-site coverage from Japan.

  • Both wheels Backward
  • Fast Turn:
  • When Start…
  • Circle Scan

most used opponent Searching. When you use this strategy, you give motors to different PWM speeds.  Different wheel speeds help robot to maneuver circles.


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    Example 5 is totally rage mode

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    if only i could train real sumo wrestlers that could be this quick and agile…i would be unstopable!

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    question how many motors does this sumo has? The winner?

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    @danebug1999 Yes.

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    Are these autonomous?

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    not only cool extreme,excellent,exciting, perfect it’s sumo robot, man, also cool;)

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