Tremendo Mexican Minisumo Avengers Team

Tremendo Mexican Minisumo Avengers Team


What is made the Structure? Aluminum

How many sensors we use? As you can see we use only 4 sensors Sharp 340KAs you can see we use only 4 sensors Sharp 340K

Which Microcontroller? ATMEGA8

Motors: Fingertech 50:1

Battery: Lipo Turnigy 4s

Wheels? The wheels are very special, these are made of a kind of sponge that you can buy in Mexico, in combination with silicon,

they are uniques!!



Tremendo has taken part in several contests around the world:

Robocore Winter Challenge 2014 Sao Paulo Brasil

UMEBOT 9 2014 Quito Ecuador

Robotchallenge 2015 Viena Austria

Robochallenge 2015 Bucarest Rumania


Where has he won? 2nd Place in Brasil and Ecuador. In Viena, we were between the best 32

You can see more about CMR UPIITA in


IMG_20140605_152910 1197583

IMG_20140605_153008 robot_challenge_6


And some videos of the robot working 🙂


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    Vaya vaya 😀

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    Hola, que controlador de motor usas a 4 celdas, y que corriente te piden esos motores.

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